Mugina Peace Farm - Rwanda

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Mugina Peace Farm
The 'Cows for Peace Farm' is an income generating project of CARSA. We have helped them finance the land and also some buildings for the raising of chickens and pigs.
The farm will employ local people who have gone through the reconciliation workshops of CARSA. In the long run the idea is to use this place as a training facility. At the moment there research is being done how best to bring water to the land. There is water at the property line, but this has not been brought to the buildings.
Recently some donations were given so that CARSA can purchase water tanks to catch the water on the roofs of the building.

Chickens for Peace

In addition to the 'Cows for Peace project, we now have the' Chickens for Peace' project.
The staff CARSA expanding, and so do the activities. That is why such projects are important to support the whole organisation in the future.
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(Christian Action for Reconciliation and Social Assistance) is our partner in Rwanda and has been doing reconciliation work in Rwanda for 7 years.

Christophe, Sylvester and their wives Diana and Natasha are all university graduates who make up the CARSA team.
They travel all over the country and to Congo to do this work and endeavour to reconcile older as well as young people, since these will be the leaders of the next generation.

They have implementing the Cows for Peace project and are now training the cell groups - those who have gone through the reconciliation workshops.
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