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Sylvestre's story

Sylvestre's world crumbles as his father is thrown into prison, accused of the very deeds he risked his life attempting to thwart.

Could something grow out of so much pain, guilt and bitterness to rebuild shattered lives and reconcile one time deadly adversaries?

A documentary showing a hero's turmoil; the cruel complexities of post colonial ethnic struggle, and the victory of forgiveness and reconciliation.

In June 2011 Norman Halsall and Daniel T. Halsall travelled to Rwanda to film a documentary, designed to introduce local people to the necessity and hope brought about by forgiveness and reconciliation.

The movie, soon to be released on DVD, is overdubbed in English and is available with German subtitles.

Uses as workshop material

Because the underlying struggles Sylvestre went through are so familiar to many people, the documentary can be run without needing a skilled trainer to explain the principles. This makes it ideal for workshops and retreats.

We also want to show that, even in the darkest period of Rwanda's history, there were people who refused to be drawn into the cycle of hatred, and risked their lives for others. Our hope is to impart a sense of dignity to the Rwandan people and help them embrace their heritage in a more positive light.