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Young women get trained in ‘The Great Escape’

Young school-leavers, the majority of whom have been educated with help from the Compassion program, receive practical, hands-on training in hospitality in ‘The Great Escape’ Training Center. Private students are also welcome.
This gives, otherwise vulnerable, young women the possibility to find meaningful work in Kigali’s rapidly growing number of restaurants and hotels, giving them the ability to provide for themselves and members of their extended families.

Hands-on and practical
Our method of study is hands-on and practical. For example, the teachers use role-playing to help the students understand interactions between waitresses, oth-er staff and customers. These practical lessons take place in Quiet Haven hotel in Kigali.
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José’s story:

“I am no longer the same girl that came to the program at the beginning.”

“In the training we found ourselves in a group of other girls from the Compassion program. Compassion is an organisation who helped us cover the cost of school.

We got personal attention from the teachers who were like family to us. They gave us direction for our life and showed us how to live together with other people. They also talked to us about having professional behaviour, that would help us in our career, whereas, at school, we only learned theoretical subjects.

We have learned to be self confident, how to behave, and how to speak in front of people.
In high school I only encountered girls, but in the hotel I learned how to deal with many people, also boys. This is something that we can always use in life, whatever we are doing.

In the CARSA training about reconciliation we learned what happened during the Genocide and how this can still affect us today. We were taught how to address our inner wounds and how to reconcile with others. Because of this, I am no longer the same girl that came into the program at the beginning.

I am now in university and will get a job in a hotel in the vacation. My mother died recently and we, the four children, are left without parents. Our family is supporting us, but I want to show them that I will use my career to support my siblings, and that I have not done all this training for nothing.”