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Young women get trained in ‘The Great Escape’

Young women, who have been educated with help from the Compassion programme, are going to find work in ‘The Great Escape’ donut studio, soon to be set up in Kigali, Rwanda.
Setting up a thriving and sustainable social business will contribute to the economic and social development of the Rwandan people, supporting local projects and forming the basis for further business ventures.
'The Great Escape' Donut Studio and Training Centre

The Great Escape is the first of its kind in Kigali; a specialised doughnut studio, serving up the very best hand made and stunningly decorated doughnuts to the growing number of hotels and restaurants in the Kigali area. Along with doughnuts and coffee, we want to serve up affordable and tasty weekly lunches to local people at our own location.
The main aim though is to provide young women with work and training, giving them a dignified way to support themselves and their families. The girls will be trained in basic cooking and baking, numeracy, hygiene and customer service. They will also bring their English up to an appropriate level.
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They went to another place where Nadia’s mother had a small plot of land and, with the help of some neighbours, they put up a small one roomed house.

Nadia’s mother suffers from trauma as a result of what she went through during the genocide. Unable to work, she can't support her family. Nadia's sister managed to finish school but has no work, except occasional odd jobs.

Nadia is typical of the young women we hope to employ:

Nadia was born with three siblings – one girl and two boys. During the genocide her father and two brothers were killed. Nadia, her mother, and sister went to live in a camp put up for survivors.
When the war ended they went back home but found everything destroyed, including their house.