Reconciliation Rwanda

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EARP (Europe - Africa Reconciliation Process) was formed by a group of intercessors who realised that we, in the West, need to apologise and ask forgiveness for the sins we committed when we colonized Africa.
In 2005, they invited leaders from Africa to attend a conference in Berlin.
This was where, 125 years previously, European nations had divided up the continent.
Various countries in Africa were then visited with the same message.
In 2009 it was Rwanda's turn.
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For this occasion we had 22 delegates from Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Great Britain and the United States.
We read 4 different confessions and asked forgiveness for the sins committed in colonial times and also particularly during the genocide.
The response was overwhelming, as representatives of various Rwandan churches came forward to forgive and embrace us.
Many tears were shed for what occurred in the past.
This opened the way for a 3 year initiative by the churches, to hold many reconciliation meetings and to declare a new era for Rwanda!
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The Contact

We were invited to participate because we, together with a Rwandese friend, have been involved in setting up a project to help widows and orphans of the genocide.
Belgium was responsible for many of the injustices done, also against the royal family.
So it was significant that our Rwandese friend could be there to hear the Belgian confession, since she is a member of the exiled royal family of Rwanda.