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The great escape


‘The Great Escape’, is a training program for less privileged young school leavers in Kigali, Rwanda. The purpose of hospitality training is to help young people escape from the spiral of poverty. They become empowered by finding employment in a restaurant or hotel, continuing studying, or finding work in another sector.

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RWAFAT helps provide for women from disadvantaged situations. The project supports both existing, and new, cooperatives. For example, training board members and helping to sell the products made by the women. In this way, the groups can save up money which is loaned to individual members to help them generate income.

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Completed Projects

The Cornerstone Foundation has been active in supporting small-scale projects in developing countries since 1996. Here is a selection of the completed projects to give you a more complete picture of our work. 

The Silent Famine


For many people, a failed harvest means disaster and severe hunger. For villagers in Burkina Faso, this terrible reality returns every year.

In collaboration with the Cornerstone Foundation, Daniel T. and Norman Halsall documented this, and discovered how villagers have created a unique local solution to the problem.


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Cows for Peace 

reconcilitation in Rwanda

After the genocide of 1994, many Rwandans suffered trauma. CARSA brings perpetrators and victims together in a project that operates extensively to create a new future.

It starts with a workshop in which they work on trauma healing, forgiveness and reconciliation. The final step in the process is that the poorest couples are provided with a cow, which must be cared for jointly.

We have financially supported CARSA in the purchase of the first 50 cows.

Sylvestre’s Story 


Sylvestre’s world collapses when his father is thrown in jail, accused of crimes for which he risked his life to save people from.

A documentary that shows the life of a hero; the cruel complexity of postcolonial ethnic strife, and the ultimate victory of forgiveness and reconciliation.

In June 2011, Norman Halsall and Daniel T. Halsall traveled to Rwanda to film a docudrama aimed at introducing local people to the need for forgiveness and reconciliation.

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